Inflatable entertainment devices, or bouncy castles, are a common feature at public events and kid-friendly gatherings. It’s critical for parents to know what to check for while attending events including bouncy castles. It is not required to get an operating permission for a private event such as a birthday celebration. However, an operating permit and a licensed contractor are required for setup and operation if the inflatable equipment is being utilized in a public place, such as a fair or community event. To make sure the gadget is safe, make sure it has the following characteristics before allowing your child to use it:

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The anchor is stable:

In order to stop movement caused by wind or human activity, bouncy castles need to be firmly fixed to the ground. Sandbags, water containers, and pegs hammered into the ground can all be examples of this.

The inflatable is being watched over appropriately:

When the kids are utilizing the bouncy castle, at least one adult has to be keeping an eye on them. More than one attendant may be needed for larger bounce houses. It’s crucial that those taking money or tickets don’t double as kids’ supervisors; childcare needs an adult’s undivided focus.

Children’s sizes and heights are measured:

Attendants should verify that youngsters fit the bouncy castle’s height and size requirements before allowing them inside. In order to protect oneself and others from harm or mishaps, this is crucial.

The inflatable isn’t packed too full:

Slides and bouncy castles shouldn’t be packed too full. The maximum number of users at one time will be decided by the manufacturer. This information is frequently displayed at the inflatable device’s entrance on a sign or decal. It’s possible that more people are exceeding the maximum user allowed if it appears like users are bumping into one other all the time.

positioned safely and with obvious warning signs:

The inflatable needs to be placed on level, level ground with clearly visible warning signs in place. Before operating the bouncy castle, it’s crucial to go over the directions with your kids.

The generator is positioned correctly:

If a generator is being utilized, it needs to be positioned such that the inflatable device’s exhaust is directed away from it. Carbon monoxide might accumulate in bouncy castles caused by exhaust fumes blowing within.

Use our online form to report an incident or danger if you believe an inflatable is being used unsafely in a public place. The report will be given to a safety officer who will investigate and get back to you as soon as possible. You can guarantee that children and families at public events have a safe and pleasurable time with inflatables like slides and bouncy castles by being knowledgeable about these safety measures.